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Getting started

Once you've downloaded Tailwind-Live Maker ISO and burnt it to a CD-ROM or DVD, reboot your computer and select the CD-ROM/DVD drive as the boot source.

If you all ready have a grub-booted Linux operating system on your computer, you can skip burning the CD-ROM or DVD and download the Tailwind-Live Maker tar file instead and follow these instructions.

When Tailwind-Live Maker finishes booting, you will get a short list of partitions that have 7Gig of free space. If nothing comes up then you forgot to connect your hard drive?

After selecting a suitable partition, you will get the following menu:

You can build your twl image with the following commands:

prep          # prepare enviro, download some files, get serial_no
mksq          # to make the filesystem.squashfs image file in
              # '../twl-iso-dir/live'
mkiso         # to make '../twl.iso' file (to burn to DVD)
cd $TOP       # change dir to top entry point 
tumount       # change dir to top and un-mount partion and loop
tagain        # change dir to top and restart build 
init 0        # shut down computer
init 6        # re-boot computer

thelp         # print this short help screen

If you selected a Fat32 partition, Tailwind-Live Maker will have created a 4Gig image file and loop mounted it on the Fat32 partition. This is because the Tailwind-Live make process requires a Linux partition to assemble and install the Linux OS before compressing it into the 'filesystem.squashfs' file.


Tailwind-Live Maker commands   (top)

Here is a run-down on what some of the Tailwind-Live Maker commands do:

Tailwind-Live Maker Directories and Files   (top)
Instructions to boot Tailwind-Live Maker with the .tar download   (top)

You can use this 'short cut' if you have an existing Linux operating system booting with GRUB and you have a partition that has about 100meg of free space.

NOTE that this partition could actually be an NTFS partition since it will be mounted 'read-only' when it boots.

GRUB Hints and Tips

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