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What is Tailwind-Live Maker?

Tailwind-Live Maker is a 95Meg ISO that can be used to make a 950Meg Tailwind-Live ISO. All you need is a hard disk with a minimum of 7Gig of free space that is either a Linux (ext2/3) or Fat32 partition.

Generally USB external drives are formatted as Fat32. Tailwind-Live Maker can build a Tailwind-Live ISO in about an hour on such a drive [ test case: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ with 2gig ram ].

Check out the Tailwind-Live Maker Manual.

Note: It is pretty easy for Maker scripts, packages and setups to become obsolete. Since I don't come back to build a new Maker very often, don't be surprised if, over time, these isos simply stop working in terms of building full Tailwind-live images. That said, if you find something broken, still let me know - there might be a quick fix or work-around I can suggest!


Maker Version 1.4.5    2013-Feb-11

What's new:

tailwind-live-maker-1.4.5.iso   94Meg
md5sum: 335fa48d20c85b1fe4bcc098ccedb0f1

tailwind-live-maker-1.4.5-iso-dir.tar   94Meg
md5sum: 363afb08a76c8ebee35b308117058fd8

Maker Version 1.3.1    2012-Mar-15

What's new:

tailwind-live-maker-1.3.1.iso   94Meg
md5sum: efdd00b57e9d442ec86224518b03d348

tailwind-live-maker-1.3.1-iso-dir.tar   94Meg
md5sum: 525cc110d3b13dba22a6033b20dbc68e

Maker Version 1.2.4    2010-Nov-03

What's new:

tailwind-live-maker-1.2.4.iso   88Meg
md5sum: b58de83144c4c2e8a888deff35446910

tailwind-live-maker-1.2.4-iso-dir.tar   88Meg
md5sum: 7c102118d9f25281e62d79f8d27db346

Maker Version 1.2.3    2010-Sep-12

What's new:

tailwind-live-maker-1.2.3.iso   78Meg
md5sum: a116e4932336f87655a538de7f834e11

tailwind-live-maker-1.2.3-iso-dir.tar   78Meg
md5sum: 97e8e5876029ca97bede999d23dd99dd

Maker Version 1.0.2    2009-May-12

What's new:

tailwind-live-maker-1.0.2.iso   87Meg
md5sum: 5df499a65d51387ba2dc2bf0a901b159

tailwind-live-maker-1.0.2-iso-dir.tar   85Meg
md5sum: e0b06676231293ee25b7bcfb49dc7bd1

Maker Version 1.0.1    2009-March

md5sum: c995a9167d67efbda0642800a4db303e

md5sum: d2f4bd99bc196b7d9afb0dd001a228ac

Don't forget to read the Tailwind-Live Maker Manual.

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